lose it all

Never Gone

Oh no
Take what you need Ďcause I canít hold my breath
Say what you feel Ďcause Iíve got nothing left, oh
I made a promise to myself last night
Iím gonna keep it if itís wrong or right

And if I lose it all
Thereíll be nothing left to lose
And I would take the fall
ĎCause knowing you are out there breathing
Is so wonderful,
Itís a chance Iíll take even if I break it
I lose it all, if I lose it all

Wouldnít matter anyway
Donít change a thing, youíre perfect as you are
Time has way, time is all Iíve got
If my heart should shatter watching you
Thatíll be one less thing Iíd have to prove


Heaven will be waiting when I fall into your open arms
I believe youíll find me there
Youíll find me there

Wouldnít matter anyway

ē ŌŚūŚ‚Óš ē