my beautiful woman

IncompleteNever Gone

How can I begin to tell you what you do to me
Every time I hear you more willing I wanna see you
I know that theres no use in trying to explain my confusion
But still Im not complaining bout my situation
Lets not talk about a possible ending
The very first time that I was looking to be your fellow
I found my inspiration hiding in your expression
And so I put myself forward for your consideration

Lets not talk about a possible ending
Lets not think about it every day
And I know Im so in love with you
Im finding it harder and harder to breath every time were here

My beautiful woman

And so I put the top down to take you driving downtown
I guess well know just what to do when youre looking to fool around
Its too late to stop me I know were gonna get down


My beautiful woman (x4)

B is for Beautiful as the sunshine
E tells me Everything is feeling alright
A goes to U (you) and me swinging it tied
T is Two, I want you
You got me acting like a FUL (fool)


My beautiful woman (x4)