I Got You

Now or NeverI Got You

People tell me you stay where you belong
But all my life Iíve tried to prove them wrong
They say Iím looking for something that canít be found
They say Iím missing out and my feet donít touch the ground
But there are moments when you canít deny whatís true
Just an ordinary day like when I met you

Itís funny how life can take new meaning
You came and changed what I believed in
The world on the outsideís trying to pull me in
But they canít touch me ícause I got you
I got you

I want to thank you for all of the things youíve done
And most for choosing me to be the one


And it hits me when I reach for you
That Iím afraid you wonít be there
Maybe I am in too deep but I donít care
(Iím right where I belong)
I got you
(and now we proved them wrong)
Iíve got you
(you canít deny whatís true)
And they canít touch me baby
(now that I got you)
I got you, I got you
(Iím right where I belong)
Iíve got you, baby
(and now we proved them wrong)
(you canít deny whatís true)
Now they canít touch me, ícause I got you

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