Who Needs The World

Now or Never

I stare at your face, into your eyes
Outside thereís so much passing us by
All of the sounds, all of the sights
Over the earth and under the sky
Too much cold and too much rain
Too much heartache to explain

Who needs the world when Iíve got you
Switch off the sun, the stars and the moon
Iíve all I need inside of this room
Who needs the world when Iíve got you
Oh no, no

I walk on the street, talk in the dark
I see peopleís dreams just falling apart
I open my arms, try to be true
Seems like my only truth is you
Am I wrong or am I right
All I want is you tonight


Who needs the stars so bright and the grass so green
And the morning light?
Who needs the wind to blow and the tide to rise
Who needs it? I donít know
I donít know

(repeat to fade)

ē ŌŚūŚ‚Óš ē