You Keep Givin Me

Welcome Home

So many reasons to be thankful, so many blessings that I cant repay
And I never wouldve made it here without You
Sending angels that guide me on my way

You keep giving me joy
You keep giving me happiness
You keep giving me hope
You keep giving me everything I wish
You keep holding me up when Im about to fall
And if even all of that was not enough
You keep giving me love (keep giving me love)

I know that Im not always easy and I know I put You through some trying days
But in spite of all the worries that I gave You
No, you never let my angels get away


And have I told You lately how Your love has saved me
It takes me to a place I only dreamed
Im so thankful Lord for sending me angels


You send angels to guide me from up above
You just keep giving me
You just keep giving me
How can I thank You, how can I thank You Lord?
All the things Youve done
How can I thank You Lord?
Youre the one whos blessed me with everything
You keep giving love (x6)
My everything
You keep giving me love