End Of Forever

Help Me

Running from all the situations
You mess me up, you bring me down
Iím waiting for the right moment
To lift me up, let you in my life, yeah
Donít wanna live inside without your love
íCause no one else can make me feel this way

To love me is gonna take a lot
But I canít wait 'til the end of forever
Lead me, ainít nothing gonna stop
Could it be tonight or Ďtil the end of forever, oh yeah

Driving on a runaway freeway
Itís killing me, I know itís eating you
Oh, dreaming so we can go there
All we need is you to show me the way, oh yeah
Can you see the fear of tears in my eyes
I know you feel me baby
I gotta make you mine, yeah


All my life Iíve been waiting for a sign to show me
To lead me to the other side


ē ŌŚūŚ‚Óš ē