i'll never find someone like you

Anywhere For You

Oh... Iíll never find, Iíll never find someone like you

Girl, you take my breath away and when Iím with someone new
Iíd rather be here with you, baby, forever
Ooh my heart belongs to you, girl Iím thinking íbout you all the time
I know my love is true when weíre together
I played around girl and I made you cry
When I looked up you were saying goodbye
Iím begging you please, I need you so bad,
Donít leave me now youíre the best that Iíve had

Iíll never, Iíll never find someone like you (no Iíll never)
I promise itís true, oh Iíll never
Iíll never find someone like you (ooh baby)
íCause I love the way that you are and girl I wonít, no I wonít let you go
No one could ever do love you like I ove you

All I have is just my heart and my feelings I give to you
Thatís all I can do girl, baby, forever
Ooh you donít know that youíre hurting me ícause itís not just a sexual thing
I wanna share my dreams, baby, together
Oh girl Iím afraid just to give you the burn
My heartís telling me to hold on to my love
But when you get close I want you to know
I start to get weak and I canít let you go


Just your smile (thatís all I need)
Think again, girl I wonít let you down
Girl I will never find no one that compares to you

And I promise to honor you

Iíll never find someone like you

ē ŌŚūŚ‚Óš ē