you wrote the book on love

Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely

When I first met you my life turned a page
Chapter one was ęHow truelove was madeĽ
You taught me with your kiss things about romance I missed
You knew everything from A to Z
What pleases you and what pleases me
Girl when you touched me I began to understand

You, you wrote the book on love
And I wanna read every word
So I know everything about you
You, you wrote the book on love
Girl I just canít get enough of your love
I know you wrote the book on love

Each time I hold you I find something new
íCause I know what I love about you, baby
Girl I discover you bring out the lover in me, yeah
Youíre like a fire that burns in my soul, like a volcano, Iím ready to blow
íCause every time I look at you
I feel love I canít explain, oh


I hear what your heart is saying to me
I see the picture so clearly
Iím thirsty for the knowledge
Truelove brings
When youíre near me


ē ŌŚūŚ‚Óš ē